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Wedding Flower Spotlight: Lisianthus

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Loving lisianthus? Add this versatile flower anywhere in your wedding for some subtle color or rich whites. Your floral designer will fit this bloom in perfectly with an array of flowers or place it alongside some of your other favorites! It's also a great flower replacement for any harder-to-find blooms.


Lisianthus come in all different shades of pink, lavender, purple, white and blue.


Lisianthus has trumpet or bell shaped blooms, coming in double and single varieties.

Where To Use Lisianthus In Your Wedding:

Lisianthus look stunning everywhere in weddings, from centerpieces to bouquets to boutonnieres.

Best Season:

Lisianthus are in season in the summer but are often available year-round. These cut blooms can last up to two weeks, making them a great addition to your wedding floral arrangements!

Fun Fact:

Many people have trouble identifying this flower because it looks like so many others depending on the variety. They are most frequently mistaken for peonies.

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