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Wedding Flower Spotlight: Dahlias

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Dreaming of dahlias? Explore the different colors and shapes for the best dahlias for your wedding. Work with a floral designer and florist near you that gets just as excited about your wedding and your favorite flowers!


Dahlias come in all different shades of pink, peach, lavender, purple, white, red, yellow, orange and even black. Can’t decide which color to go for? Dahlias also come in blended and bi-color varieties… basically, you can get dahlias in any color but blue.


Dahlias come in a spherical shape that are great for adding dimension to bouquets and arrangements, or round with a flatter front.

Where To Use Dahlias In Your Wedding:

Dahlias are best used in bouquets, centerpieces, arch swag, cake flowers and arrangements. It’s best to avoid using dahlias in boutonnieres and corsages due to larger size. Start with a dazzling dahlia bridal bouquet, and customize all your floral decorations to fit perfectly in your selected color palette and theme.

Best Season:

Dahlias are in season in the summer through early fall. Light colors work seamlessly for a bright summer wedding, and darker shades will bring the autumn vibes to your fall wedding.

Fun Fact:

Dahlias represent commitment, honesty, love and devotion, making them a perfect flower to represent you and your partner’s love on your special day.

Dahlias are also Elyse’s favorite flower!

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